Product Sourcing

Now you can easily find a product on or an International sourcing exhibition like China Canton fair, but to source a product is more complicated than that. You need to go deeper on factory vetting and benchmark among multiple suppliers, also balance the time consumption and cost, let us help you achieving good sourcing result.

Product Development

To develop the product of your own idea is much more difficult than sourcing product with factory original design. Launching such project in China could be quite profitable but also very risky. You may hesitate because you didn’t have such experience, or you knew how complex it could be. That is exactly where we are good at. Here we turns your idea into reality, with the minimal risk and cost saving.

Supply Chain Management

You may confront the headache of oversea supply chain management. Two major issues could be the cost and efficiency. Outsource the procurement to us could be a wise choice for mid and small size company,  we cover the quality and logistic problem of your project, lower your operation cost and enhance the efficiency.

About Us

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