Supply Chain Management

Rely on us to manage the complex supply chain without building a full team on your own.

Global sourcing is quite common for company strategy now. However the management may confront the headache of oversea supply chain management. Two major issues could be the cost and efficiency.

You need people work on the floor to react immediately to any situation. Otherwise when there comes the quality issue and shipment delay, you can do nothing but complain to your supplier, and pray for next time they could improve. Or an unexpected supplier bankruptcy could definitely hurt your business when you have zero transparency.

The big companies like Wal-Mart and Target will establish the purchasing office of their own. For most mid and small size company, to find an outsource partner in far east is definitely the best choice.

Why you need us?

  • We help to solve your quality and production issue. With the quality engineer with on site, we detect the root cause of quality issue, and work with factories the improvement action, not by saying but doing it.
  • We are more economical. Building your own team can be very expensive as you travel back and forth interviewing for skilled and administrative employees, and then trying to manage the complex procurement process. We do all of this for you and only charge a commission which is linked to your business growth.
  • We are efficient. We are located in the China production zone. Our teammates work on the floor and, therefore, are able to react immediately to any situation. This prevents lost time occurrences and avoids potential risk.

How we work?

We provide on-site team support to ensure the quality and delivery of your products.

Production & Leadtime Control

In-Process Quality Control

Quality Standard Creation & Final Inspection

Export & Logistic

Product Lifecycle Cost Reduction

Risk Management & Emergency Support

IP Protection

Factory Relationship Management

Case Study

Check how we help customer like you to manage the supply chain with cost saving and efficiency.


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