Product Sourcing

With exhibition and internet, you may still need us for product sourcing in China.

Now you can easily find a product on or an International sourcing exhibition like China Canton fair, but to source a product is more complicated than that. Finding a reliable supplier is the first problem, you can have a glance at supplier’s website or sample on the booth, but it is too much risky if you don’t go deeper on vendor vetting.

Also it is a matter of time consumption and cost, you base on thousand miles away which have limited time to visit suppliers, the huge traveling cost could be a problem for your project. That is why you need sourcing agent to help you achieving good sourcing result.

Why you need us?

  • We help you to find a reliable supplier among thousands of possibilities.
  • We give you a sourcing result with various offer benchmark, and multiple aspect preference (price, quality, design…etc.)
  • We work on your benefit. You will have your own stable purchasing office in China.

How we work?

We will thoroughly understand the concept and scope of your project, and then select the appropriate factory for your products.

Factory Pre-selection


Request for Quote (RFQ)

Apple to Apple Quote Comparison

Factory Vetting


Factory Selection & Training

Case Study

Check how we help customer like you to achieve sourcing goal and expand their business.


About Us

We’ve been in the business for over 10 years, check our company detail and meet the team.

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How it works

It is simple to start. Tell us about your project needs, then we will finish the rest part.