Product Development

Here we turns your idea into reality.

Each product company are facing increasingly competition in the market. Your product need to have stylish design and extraordinary function to enrich your brand value and win customer. While manufacturing such product in China could be quite profitable but also very risky.

The difficulty for such project is much more than sourcing product with factory original design. You need to face frequent communication for technical and design topic, invest on mold, source for the right component or material, and manage the project schedule. In the end, you may still suffer by massive quality issues, or unexplained delayed delivery. Not even mentioned the patent risk: you wouldn’t suprise if you see your product with other brand in the market.

That is where you could need us. Our strength is to turn your concept and design into a finished product, with minimal risk and economical cost.

Why you need us?

  • We study on your project and supply market, and then give you suggestions. You could have confidence before you decide to launch the project in China.
  • We benchmark with multiple vendor source after they pass our vetting. So you can have various choices.
  • On-site engineer will work with factory to solve possible issue during development.
  • Project manager with control the schedule and report to you regularly, you will have a transparent and efficient project.

How we work?

We work with your product development department as an integrated team. During each development milestones, we are project manager and problem solver to minimize the risk and maximize the profitability.

Product Design Review

Technical Evaluation

Factory Selection

Schedule Planning

Mold Development

Components Sourcing

Project Milestone Follow

Mockup & Golden Sample

Case Study

Check how we help customer like you to develop their products, and expand their business.


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