Who are we?

ChinaBridge is a manufacturing outsourcing company that has been in business since 2004. It is located in China’s Canton area which is adjacent to Hong Kong. We help international customers to source, develop products and manage supply chain. Through our world class services, we turn your ideas into reality, increase your margin, and help your business grow.

Our professional staff includes engineers, quality experts, and project managers who are conveniently located in Shenzhen and Shanghai. You can have confidence knowing that they are bilingual, experienced, efficient, and they work for your best interest.

Who Needs Us?

We have customers in many countries and who are involved in many types of industries. Some of our customers are well-known market leaders in their industry, while some of our customers have just started their business. So no matter if your company is an existing successful corporation or just a start-up business, you may need our service to grow.

Also, our customer comes from both industrial and consumer fields. Whether you are factory who wants to outsource components, or you are distributor/brand owner who wants to develop OEM/ODM products from China. We can both help you.

We conveniently and easily provide services when you want to:

  • Lower your cost by outsourcing your current products
  • Develop new products at a reasonable price
  • Determine the feasibility of having your product developed in China

Why Use ChinaBridge?

Working with our team has several advantages over trying to build your own team for China supply chain management:

  • We are professional. Manufacturing can be very complex as it requires various personnel to help address any technical, quality, or commercial issues with Chinese suppliers. We are experienced in this and have built the team of professionals for you.
  • We are efficient. We are located in the China production zone. Our teammates work on the floor and, therefore, are able to react immediately to any situation. This prevents lost time occurrences and avoids potential risk.
  • We are more economical. Building your own team can be very expensive as you travel back and forth interviewing for skilled and administrative employees, and then trying to manage the complex procurement process. We do all of this for you and only charge a commission which is linked to your business growth.